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Ronald has been flying and around the aircraft industry since he was in high school. No longer able to fly as a pilot himself he still loves the art and industry of flying. Ronald has worked to assemble the largest collection of Pilot, Aircraft and Flying on line publications in the world.

“For Most People Sky’s the Limit” but for Aviators “Sky is Home”

Ronald L. McDonald

The Sky is the Limit

Aircraft in Every Category


Rotary Wing Aircraft

Private Helicopters, Commercial Helicopters, Gyro Copters and Kit Plane Copters

Propeller and Jet Aircraft

We list all types of aircraft for sale both here in North America and the rest of the world. Single Engine, Multi Engine, Jest Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Kit Planes and Hobby Craft.

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Understanding Aircraft Appraisals

The adventure of a lifetime is just steps away becoming an aircraft owner, the sky is your’s

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The Pilots Marketplace

Hundreds of Bargains for our Readers


The latest in Avionics for your Aircraft

Pilot Supplies & Aviation Gear

Endorsement for different pilot licenses as well as Endorsements different aircraft types and models
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